Cretan classics go green in Dublin

Our recent CASK trip to Chania has inspired Visham Sumputh, award winning chef at Etto, and Jonathan Smith of Ernesto’s fame, to try out some Cretan recipes – but with an Irish twist.

Visham’s first experiment was to make an all-Irish version of Kalitsounia, a traditional, small, filled pie. These Cretan treats, which Visham made in Chania with Cretan chef, Yiota at the MAICH Institute, can be either sweet, filled with cheese and honey, or, savoury, filled with cheese and herbs. Visham used semolina flour with egg yolks to make his pie pastry before filling his Irish style Kalitsounia with home made ricotta and Irish Shiso leaves.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has been trying out recipes using fish, which is a popular ingredient in the Cretan diet. As an avid fisherman, Jonathan was able to create his dish from a fresh catch and give it that Cretan style makeover by baking it with fruits and topping it with Greek yogurt.

If you’d like to try these and other delectable Mediterranean-fusion delights, keep an eye out for our CASK tasting event in Sonairte Ecology Centre in August where Visham and Jonathan from Ernesto’s, together with our Cretan chefs will be recreating Cretan recipes using Irish, locally sourced produce.

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