Watch the TV series behind the project – here!

Among the largest non-Irish national communities in Ireland are Brazilian, French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish – and each of those communities has its strong representation on social media. It was there, then, that the makers of a community TV show on food and the environment, went to find volunteers to take on a challenge that would see them travel the length and breadth of Ireland in search of Irish ingredients to cook the international recipes that would represent their countries.

The Facebook groups of all five countries voted for their national dish – not, without a lot of heated discussions, as each region had its own cuisine. Then the volunteers had to cook that dish, using only Irish produce. This was easy enough with such ingredients as onions or cabbage, but when it came to speciality meats like chorizo it got more difficult, and for such ingredients as rice – not grown in Ireland at all – it took quite a bit of imagination.

The series, ‘Romancing Ireland’, got its name from the fact that all five countries involved speak romance languages. It was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for Dublin Community Television, as a a climate action initiative, and became the inspiration for the CASK project.

All six episodes are available, for the first time, here online. Enjoy!

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