Free certified training in sustainable kitchens is just a click away

When top Cretan chefs arrived at Sonairte, the Irish National Ecology Centre in Meath, it was to work with their Irish counterparts to explore ways in which the ethos of the world-famous Mediterranean Diet could be served up to a learner group of food service industry professionals, while using only Irish, sustainable ingredients. The workshop was part of the CASK Climate Aware Seasonal Kitchen project, and was followed by a packed tasting event, where the 10 recipes conjured up at the workshop were given a well-licked thumbs up. Now both the cookbook of those 10 recipes, and the training developed are available here on the CASK website. The cookbook is in digital form and includes an ingredient alternative guide, that will help you swap out imported produce for sustainable, climate-conscious alternatives that can do the same job. The training, meanwhile, is endorsed by the three organisations behind the CASK Project – Sonairte, EurAV and the MAICh of Crete. You can take the training right here, and, when completed, you’ll receive a certificate by email that shows you are informed about the climate aware seasonal kitchen – an important step to take as we all try to do our bit to fight climate change.

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