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Official launch of the CASK free climate-aware cookbook and free climate-aware kitchen training

It’s the culmination of a year’s work between organisations and culinary experts from the Greek island of Crete – birthplace of the famed Mediterranean diet – and their counterparts here in Ireland. A digital climate-aware seasonal cookbook, with a sustainable ingredients guide, and an online certified training course, will have their official launch at Sonairte, the Irish National Ecology Centre by Meath’s golden coastline. Highlighting the local, sustainable and seasonal message of the CASK project, a Christmas Market will run in conjunction with the launch.

“The cookbook has 10 recipes, inspired by the Cretan recipes but using Irish ingredients,” explained a spokesperson for CASK. “It was created at a workshop at Sonairte earlier in the year where Cretan chefs from the Mediterranean Agronomics Institute of Chania worked with Visham Sumputh, head chef of the Dublin’s award-winning Etto restaurant, and Jonathan Smith of the ever-popular Ernesto’s in Rathmines, to reinvent Mediterranean classics while working with a team of food service industry professional trainees. The cookbook also has a section that suggests what Irish ingredients can be used for recipes that call for imported ones. For example, lemon juice is in a lot of recipes, but lemons don’t grow in Ireland. The chefs were able to show that rhubarb juice has similar properties so it makes a good local alternative.”

Along with the launch of the free digital cookbook, available here on the website, is the launch of a free training course for food service industry professionals who want to get a CASK Certificate in sustainable kitchen practices.

“The training takes probably less than an hour to complete online and, as soon as it’s completed, a certifcate is sent to the learner that they can print out and use to show their commitment to climate action in their work.”

The training is also available here on the website.

The launch, with it’s Christmas Market, is from 10-4, this Saturday at Sonairte, The Ninch, Laytown, Co. Meath, A92 D9XH.

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